Arigato’s Explainer Video Creation Process



We’re thrilled you’re considering teaming up with Arigato to transform your ideas into top-of-the-line animated videos. After completing hundreds of projects since 2015, we’ve perfected our explainer video creation process to make it as seamless and efficient as possible. 


What to expect when working with Arigato Studio 

You can dive into Arigato’s work ethic and our creative process by watching our easy to follow explainer video on how we make explainer videos! Or, if reading is your thing, here’s a list of the milestones you can expect to achieve during your video creation process with us:


1) Fill out our Brief. 

First, you’ll receive a brief with some questions. Your answers will give us a lot of information and data points on what you’re envisioning for the final product. Please be as clear as possible about your specifications for the animation. If desired we can schedule a Skype call together.

2) We’ll create a script.

Based on your answers to our Brief, our writers will create the first version of your script. We’ll incorporate all the messages and ideas in the best format within the script in order to achieve your ultimate goal: increase sales, raise awareness, do some storytelling, or whatever you need. 

3) We’ll record the voice-over for your video.

We work with professional voice-over specialists. We’ll give you several options and you can search among them in order to choose your favorite. More importantly, though, we can’t emphasize enough how crucial it is for you to be 100% on board with the script (during stage 2) because after you approve it, we will record it with the voice-over artist of your choice.  

Any edits to even one single word further down the process will be expensive and time-consuming. 

4) We’ll show you a storyboard for your video.

The next stage of the process is Storyboard. This stage is extremely important as it basically plans out your project’s entire animation process. We will create a visual representation using sketches of what is going to happen at each scene of the video. Please be aware that these are not the final illustrations. We just want to show you our ideas for the video. In case you are not happy with how we plan to represent something, this is the moment to ask for revisions. 

5) We’ll create the illustrations for your video.

After you’re happy with how the storyboard looks, we will fully illustrate all the elements required to create the animation. These illustrations will be definitive. 

6) We’ll animate and add sound design.

Once the illustrations are approved our team of animators will animate them using Adobe After Effects. Finally, our Sound Department will add pertinent background music and sound effects.


How long does the explainer video creation process take?

Here’s what the time frame will look like during your explainer video creation process with Arigato: 

This entire process, from the brief to the final product, takes between three to six weeks on average, and one of Arigato’s project managers will be keeping you updated during the entire project. 

We’d love to be of help if you have further questions on our explainer video creation process. Please contact us for more information.

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