Animated Explainer Videos for apps

Marketing for apps benefits greatly from the use of animated explainer videos. Recent app download and usage statistics (2019) say there are over five billion mobile users in the world. At the same time, the availability of apps both for Apple and Android devices has increased dramatically with over 4 million apps vying for attention on the market. 

That’s right. To date, when you launch your app it competes with over 4 million other apps and counting. You have to find a way to stand out from the crowd. An animated explainer video for your app can help you.

Benefits of animated explainer videos for apps marketing

When considering how to maximize your possibilities of reaching your target audience and converting prospects into buyers, you should be aware of the following benefits of animated explainer videos for apps: 

Benefit 1: More app downloads. 

People are more likely to download an app if they watch a video listing its main attributes.

Benefit 2:  Increase prospect awareness. 

Video is easily shareable and will allow you to reach a wider audience, get your product known, and readily increase the number of potential clients who understand how your product can help them.

Benefit 3: Build trust 

Animated explainer videos allow you to connect on a deeper level with your audience. This is due to the extra effort you put into making your client feel comfortable and at ease via easy to understand information on how your mobile app functions and how it can best aid them.

Benefit 4: Increase website traffic

Research says video significantly influences website traffic, for the better. You can get more people to visit your website and make use of other marketing materials, so you will have a greater opportunity to promote the benefits of your app, thus increasing your percentage of downloads.  

Benefit 5: Animation makes anything possible.

Animation broadens the spectrum of possibility: you can bring just about anything to life. Have a complex, abstract idea on how your app can help the user? Use animation to showcase clear, hard-to-explain benefits.  

Tips on how to use animated explainer video for apps. 

You can get the best results from your marketing efforts by making your materials worthy of word-of-mouth recommendations – you should be aiming for these. Animated explainer videos are great conversation pieces because they tend to make the awareness marketing stage as dynamic and fun as possible while at the same time revealing pain-point alleviating benefits without swamping the prospect with unnecessary visual information. 

A-liner tips: 

  • Use quality animation in order to make complex ideas easier to understand. Can’t stress this point enough. Animated explainer videos tend to simplify visual content while at the same time maintaining prospect interest.
  • You can create just about anything and make your content go viral. 
  • Choose the animation style that best fits your brand voice.
  • Use color to retain brand awareness while at the same time highlighting key points.
  • Choose a voice-over artist whose accent vibes with your audience.

Market your app successfully with animated explainer videos. 

At Arigato Studio we have over 5 years of experience creating animated videos. We believe animated explainer videos increase app downloads by connecting with target audiences and making app benefits clear. Animated explainer videos for apps are also very fun to share and get great traction on social media channels. 

Contact us and look through our website to get an idea of what you can achieve with animated explainer videos for your app marketing efforts. 

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