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Who are we?
We are Arigato Studio, an animation agency located in Caracas and Madrid. We have a team of in-house creatives working together to help people connect with their audiences in the coolest possible way.

Meet our team

You can be sure that:

We are goal oriented

Your goals are our goals. Our videos are not only created to look nice, they are created to get you results.

We are responsible

We deliver projects on time, no exceptions. You will get a clear delivery schedule once you start one project with us.

We only work with experts

Each stage of our creation process is made by an expert on the field. Storyboards artists, illustrators, animators and musicians are part of our team.

We care about your experience

Our process is designed to provide you a good customer experience. Our dedicated project manager will send you project updates every 2 days.


Most frequent questions and answers

It usually takes three to six weeks.
However, it depends on a few variables such like: the duration of the video, its
complexity, the number of reviews needed and the time the client takes to give us feedback and approve each stage.
From the very beginning, you will count on a Project Manager that’ll send you an updated calendar on a daily basis. That way you’ll be aware of the timing of your project.
If you need to get a video done faster than that, we can offer you a special plan for rush projects. 

Contact us to get more details.

You can watch this video or read the text bellow

Our process to create videos is very simple and effective. You will be guided through the entire journey by a project manager, so you can enjoy the experience as much as we do!

Here’s a step-by-step of the process:
1.Brief: We’ll send you a questionnaire so we can understand your goals and all the details of your project.

2. Confirmation call: A Project Manager will call you / e-mail you to clear off any doubts and make sure you’re happy with the approach we’ll use

3. Script: Based on your goals and your target audience, we’ll create a
customized script for the video

4. Voice: We’ll record the script with the voice-over that suits your project the

5. Storyboard: We’ll add images to the script, creating a storyboard. This is the sketch of how your ideas will turn into a video!

6. Illustrations: We’ll create original illustrations for your story.

7. Animations: We’ll bring bring your story to life through After Effects animations.

8. Music & Sounds: direct from our studio, we’ll add sound effects and commercial rights free music to your project.

9. Delivery & Advice: We’ll send you the video in different formats and give you some advice on broadcasting so it reaches its highest potential!

Yes! We can deliver projects faster than the estimated time, under certain conditions and with an extra rush project fee. Contact us to get more details.

At the beginning of your project you will be assigned your own Project Manager. This person will be your guide from day one, until the final deliver of your project. You can share all of your feedback with your PM. She/he will make sure your voice is heard and you have a good time working with us.

Before even starting your project, your Project Manager will send you a dynamic calendar with established dates. Those dates may vary depending on the number of revisions you ask for and the time you take to give feedback. Your Project Manager will send you the updates of the calendar on a daily basis.

All of our projects include commercial rights both for the animation and the music, which is created in our own studio. This way you can use your videos where and how you want!

We have created videos in more than 29 languages. That’s not an issue for us, we can create videos in almost any language! Just ask us and we’ll set something up for you!

To get started contact us here:

Whatsapp +34722611754

Or at the contact form at the site.

We ask 50% payment to start the project. You will pay the remaining 50% divided into mielstones as we deliver you the storyboard, illustrations, and animation.

We accept PayPal and Bank Transfers.

Contact us for more details.

We have budget-friendly prices.

We don’t use templates and everything in our animations is custom made. That’s why every 60 seconds of video requires approx 150 hours of work.

The price depends on the length of the video and on the package you choose. 

Contact us to get a custom quote.

Did you really find a better price in the market from an animation studio, with all the benefits we offer? Remember, we create custom made videos. We don’t use templates or content downloaded from the internet. When videos are creates using softwares like Powtoon or Vyond they take approx 3-4 hours of work per minute of animation. Our process requires 150 hours of work per minute of animation. The final result is completely different.

Please let us know!

You may find freelancers offering a lower price. However, when you work
with us you’ll have the backing of a company with more than 500 delivered
projects, more than 4 years of experience and more than 20 specialized
professionals at your service. Also, we work under a proven effective process,
based on efficiency and high quality. Freelancers, even though we think
they’re pretty cool, will not be able to offer you that.

Last but not least, we create customized videos 100% of the time. All of our
projects are made from scratch, which guarantees original content all along
the process.

Yes! We are a registered company.

We do! We have offices in Madrid, Spain and Caracas, Venezuela.

Our management team

Yoel Belilty


Melanie Hanemian

Project manager

Emiliano Rodriguez

Animation director

Eilyn Kassapian

Storyboard director

Karla Kassapian

Illustration director