Animated Explainer Videos for SAAS marketing

Marketing for software as a service (SAAS) has traditionally relied heavily on explainer videos, specifically on live demo videos. According to the team at Proof, live demo explainer videos have been central to marketing efforts for years because of their proven ability to show potential clients how your SAAS product can help them. But animated SAAS explainer videos have changed the marketing game for the better.

So what is it about animated explainer videos that have knocked traditional live demo out of the marketing ring? 

In the SAAS industry, it takes years of development to achieve an incredible product, and you want to tell the potential client what problem your software solves. The catch, you only have 30 seconds. Moreover, you’ll also want to reinforce brand messaging and customer loyalty. 

Adding animation to your explainer videos is a great solution. Here’s why.

Animated explainer videos say more in less time

Animation takes advantage of the little time you have by adding value in several ways simultáneously. Here’s why the team at Proof, experts on personalizing websites, recommend adding animation to your demo videos:

“An animated product demo video gives potential clients the opportunity to see the software in action, get a visual feel for how it can solve their problems, and answer specific questions they may have”. 

There’s more.

Animated SAAS explainer videos make learning easier

This is in part due to the balance found in quality animation (balance of movement, color, and sound) which together are necessary for emphasis on key points. Plus it helps when your animation flows in conjunction with good scripting and storytelling techniques.

Animating your SAAS explainer videos gives you more control over your content

The best part is when you animate your SAAS explainer video, you augment your level of control of the content creation process. Ultimately, this means you’ll be able to explain the benefits of your software in a direct way, quickly and clearly, using only the references which you want to appear within your audiovisuals. 

Animation can help strengthen your relationships with your customers

During the online communication process, animated explainer videos provide a balanced mix of simplicity, entertainment, information, and persuasion. Together, these are necessary elements for your long-term marketing strategy and sales pitch as it enables a better relationship with potential and present customers because of quality entertainment value as well as the benefit of trustworthy information primarily focused on letting customers know how your SAAS product can help them in the future and why it is their best option.

Four quantifiable areas where your marketing and sales will benefit from animated SAAS explainer videos 

Explainer videos can be useful at different steps of the onboarding process with a potential customer. From the first moment, when you catch their attention through your digital marketing efforts, to later on in the sales process when different types of frequent questions arise (on billing or pricing variations for example).

Boost conversion rates

You can add an animated video to your marketing efforts in order to get more conversion rates for your landing page. Animated videos quickly catch our attention, no matter what may be happening in our personal circumstances at the moment – the role of personal expectations and experiences in defining our attention spans has been discussed at length (and no, we do not have 8-second attention spans).  

Boost sales and help your sales team

You can use an animated explainer video in order to aid your sales team by getting prospects clear on why your software rocks and/or easily answering frequently asked questions. Watch your sales numbers rise. 

Increase social media interaction

An augment in your SAAS products social media interaction statistics can be obtained after adding animation to your explainer videos. Animated videos tend to showcase the best aspects of your product in a fun and entertaining way making it heartening for potential users to hit that “like” button.

Gift already existing clients

You can use animated explainer videos to give your existing clients a helping hand with the internal workings of your software and in so doing boost your customer retention stats.  

Animated tutorials and demos are an excellent option if you want to add extra value and help the people who already bought from you get the best out of your tools as well as get familiar with more complex aspects of the software. 

Animated SAAS explainer videos: our experience at Arigato Studio. 

At Arigato Studio, we know your SAAS marketing and sales strategies will benefit from animated explainer videos. We have seen it produce consistent positive results in the following areas:    

  1. Explain your product: Get your uninformed prospects to say “This is the software that will help me do (this)…”
  2. Make tutorials or demos: Use animation to guide prospects or customers deeper into the workings of your software through a tutorial.

It’s simple. Contact us today and get a quote in less than 1 working day We believe animated SAAS explainer videos are key for your audience’s understanding of your product. Better understanding means more sales and long-term relationships based on customer satisfaction.

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