Improve your fundraising through animated explainer videos

Fundraising is made simpler if you find a way to engage clearly with your audience. That’s where animated explainer videos come in. 

Notoriously, animated explainer videos are great for communication purposes. They are appearing with greater frequency as the go-to communication tool when asking for financial backing on online fundraising platforms. And they do so while competing with other explainer video styles

Keep reading to find out why animated explainer videos are a great solution for your fundraising needs. 

Are animated explainer videos your only option? 

There are several great online fundraising platforms out there, from Kickstarter to IndieGoGo. Whichever platform you choose, stats say 66% of the campaigns with video reach their funding objectives. 

The question is, what type of video should you rely on. 

Take into account that when you film on sight, video and sound crews can end up billing you thousands of dollars. It’s not surprising, considering the complex hierarchy of film crews.

Another option is to tap into video footage sources such as Shutterstock. You’ll find great diversity both in prices and content at these type of stock footage platforms. The problem is the pre-existing content may or may not be the right fit for your fundraising message. And you’ll probably only know after hours of navigating through keyword searches.

Live film crews or accessing Shutterstock footage are not the best options.

Animated explainer videos are by far the better choice. They give you more control over creative aspects. And have proven to work wonders for low budgets. Don’t believe us? Here are some success stories.

Fundraising animated explainer videos for games 

Animated explainer videos work wonders for fundraising projects where the end product is a video game, card game, or a board game. These projects do very well with animated explainer videos because their potential-buyer audience requires visuals of what the finished product will look like. 

Fundraising animated explainer videos for non-governmental organizations 

You can also use animated explainer videos for an NGO’s fundraising campaign. For a real-life example, you can get a closer look here: it’s a video that explains why you should support the Tibet Relief Fund.

Hands-down, animated explainer videos are great for fundraising.

A little more detail may be required to convince you that you should go animated. Here’s why animated explainer videos are a great choice for your fundraising project

1) Original content with zero copyright stress

All material is original and created by the animation studio specifically for your project. You will avoid copyright hassles related to stock images and videos

2) Showcase real places – No travel neede

You can showcase real places, like Tibet, without having to spend thousands of dollars in order to send a whole video crew on-sight

3) Humanize your video and create trust by showing up 

Experts recommend you connect with your audience by incorporating another human being into your audiovisuals. If you don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera or if you don’t have a camera (or other needed equipment), you can discuss possible alternatives with your animation studio of choice. For example, one alternative is to have your face appear during the first seconds of the video and then you can move on to animation but use your own voice during the voice over. 

4) Bring complex and daring ideas to life through animation.

Finally, animated explainer videos are great tools if you want to get a complex idea out to your audience. For example, if you want to tell a story, use a metaphor, add a crazy-daring action like cliff diving, explain what happens within your body while you sleep (or something similar which you can’t film), then animation is key. Also, animation allows you to cut down on cameras, actors, etc.  

What Arigato Video knows about fundraising

Fundraising animated explainer videos will help you reach your funding goals faster. At Arigato Video, we know. We’ve helped entrepreneurs and non-governmental organizations explain what they do to the right people, those who care and are willing to invest. 

We love to animate and have seen it work wonders for our clients: you can achieve more, and have greater control over the outcome of your project’s fundraising objective, through animated explainer videos. 

Arigato Video is definitely the best place to start. Visit our website or take a look at Arigato’s fundraising animated video portfolio.

Please visit for more information.

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