What to expect when you hire an explainer video company

After a lot of research, you decided that you need an explainer video. You know it will be a great tool to communicate your ideas clearly and easily, but now comes the crucial moment: hiring the right provider. In order to do that, you should first know what to expect when you hire an explainer video company. 

 We want to give you these recommendations and some of our best secrets to help you make this process as easy as possible for you and -most importantly- help you achieve your goals.


First and Foremost: You Want a Team of In-house Professionals.


When hiring the company that will be responsible for making your video, you should bear in mind that an explainer video is composed of several elements like the script and storyboard, illustrations and animations, sound effects, voiceover and music.

Many roles intervene in the creation of a video. And although we know that there are very talented people out there it is very unlikely, if not impossible, that a single person can do all this without support.

This means that if you decide to run your project with freelancers, you will have to hire and explain in detail what you are looking for to at least 4 people, and then coordinate and aspire to the final product you want. A bit cumbersome, right?

There is also the case of companies that outsource to other people. This complicates the process because it hampers communication between you and those that execute. And without a doubt, it’s something that will be reflected in the result. Trust us.

Therefore, our greatest advice is to find a company that has a team of professionals and specialists, and that offers a comprehensive solution. This will make the process easier and the result will be a video exactly as you imagine it, if not even better.


Communicate Through a Project Manager.


Maybe you’re thinking: A Project Manager to make an explainer video?

As we mentioned, many people intervene in the process of creating an explanatory video. Your Project Manager will be the bridge between you and the team. It will keep you constantly updated, solve any concerns that arise and give you the action plan.

So instead of talking directly with all the people who are working on your video, the Project Manager channels communications, streamlines processes, and facilitates exchanges.

I suppose you understand now the great importance that a Project Manager has in all this, which brings us to point three:


You Need a (Great) Plan.


Something crucial when making an explainer video is to have a defined and clear plan and process. An experienced company will present a methodology when creating videos, and this will undoubtedly make the process more efficient.

So you should take into account how each company you’re considering proceed and see if it fits your needs and way of work, so you can have a good experience and an incredible result. If you want to know more about how we create our videos, please go to question # 3 in our FAQ section.


Quality and Personalized Videos.


We know you want a unique video for your company. That’s why we want to help you to detect if your video will be made with templates.

How to detect if a company uses templates?

  1. Visit videohive.net
  2. Write in the search engine: explainer videos toolkit.
  3. Check the first results.
  4. Enter the page of explainer videos and compare the illustrations. If they are similar, voilá, that company uses templates.

By searching in VideoHive you will be able to know if a company uses templates for your videos. This does not have to be something necessarily negative, but it’s important that you are aware that your video will not be completely original, and that you may find other videos out there with the same characters or backgrounds. You can repeat this process comparing the company portfolio with some other “template” providers like Vyond or Goanimate

Which brings us to the last (but not least) point,


Style and Aesthetics Adapted to Your Needs.


Style is a key point when making this type of videos. So it’s very important to take into account if the company that advises you is the one that best suits your needs, because it is not the same a whiteboard to a video with 2D characters, for example.

Wonder what’s the best style for your video? Visit our products page and take a look at some of the options for you

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