Stand Out, Sell More: Animated product videos for e-commerce.

Transform Listings and boost conversion rates using the power of video. Let us create videos using only your product pictures.

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Boost your sales

Improved Conversion Rates

Animated videos can effectively convey product features, benefits, and use cases, leading to a better understanding among potential buyers. This increased understanding often translates to higher conversion rates as customers make more informed purchasing decisions.

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SEO Benefits on Amazon

Including animated videos on your Amazon product listings can contribute to improved search engine optimization (SEO) within the platform. Amazon's algorithm often favors listings with multimedia content, potentially boosting the visibility of your products.

No hidden fees


Animated videos can be more cost-effective to produce than filmed videos, as they eliminate the need for expensive filming equipment, sets, and actors. Our fixed-price packages will reassure you that there will be no surprises as you budget for your video. We work with different budgets.

CUstom made videos

Highlight Unique Selling Points

Animated videos enable you to highlight the unique selling points of your products, showcasing what sets them apart from competitors. This can influence purchase decisions and attract customers seeking specific features.

We will take care of the entire process:

Icono Manager

Script (optional)

The video script is the basis of the entire project. You have the option to give us the final script that the voice over artist will read. You can also ask us to edit your script to make it suitable for animation.

Created with Lunacy

Concept Art

At the beginning of the project, you'll receive an illustration that will reflect the overall style of your video. It will be developed based on your answers to the questions we present before starting the project.

Icono Storyboard & illustrations

Video Design

Our team will find the best way to visually represent the text from the script. After you approve these ideas, our illustrators will transform them into final vectorial illustrations that will be used to produce your video.

Created with Lunacy

Custom-Made Illustrations

After you have approved the video ideas, our illustrators will transform those sketches into the final vectorial illustrations that will be used to create your video.

Icono after effects

After Effects Animation

Our team of animators will bring your project to life by giving movement to the previously approved illustrations using Adobe After Effects software.

Icono revisiones


Depending on the package you choose, your project will include a certain number of revisions. In each round, you can request changes as long as they belong to the current stage of the project.


Perry Grubber

"I'm super pleased with the work these folks do. Epically creative and their attention to detail, execution, follow-through, communication and customer satisfaction orientation are five stars our of five. If you're looking for translating a script into a fantastic explainer video, these are your folks"

Stacy Kovacs

"The video they did was perfect. The quality, and the details of the characters in the video were amazing. They did characters that look like real-life persons. I got a great video that explained a major change to my business"

Mary Watson

"Arigato Studio were the first ones to reply to my request in a sophisticated manner so I was sure that they were the right partners for my project. The quality of the video is very good. The producers put a lot of creative thoughts into it and came up with something very nice."

Work Samples

Animated videos

Illustrated video sample 1

Product for babies.

Created with Lunacy

Product for botanical growth.

Created with Lunacy

Product to avoid hangovers.

Created with Lunacy

Non illustrated videos

Non illustrated video sample 1

Headphones video.

Created with Lunacy

Non illustrated video sample 2

Hair lost product video.

Created with Lunacy

Non illustrated video sample 3

Air fryer video.

Created with Lunacy