Animated Music Videos

Promote your music using an animated music video. We create unique 2-D animated music videos that will make you proud.

REason #1

Easy to produce.

Unique videos

Original Content

We can help your song stand out from the rest. We'll create a unique 2-D animated music video that will make you proud. We can bring your ideas to life. Our team of 20 professionals will develop a storyline and style that matches your song. No templates are used in creating our videos; we create our own videos to match your unique voice.

No hidden fees

Affordable Prices

Our fixed-price packages will reassure you that there will be no surprises as you budget for your video. The price of a video depends on the length and package you choose. You will know exactly how much the project will cost when you place your order. You will be pleased with our competitive pricing and with the quality of your experience here at Arigato Studio.

What's included with each video?

Icono Manager

Project Manager

Your project manager will be the bridge between you and the creative team. You will receive project updates at least two times per week, and any questions you have will be answered within 24-hours.

Created with Lunacy

Concept Art

At the beginning of the project, you'll receive an illustration that will reflect the overall style of your video. It will be developed based on your answers to the questions we present before starting the project.

Icono Storyboard & illustrations


We'll create a visual representation using sketches of what is going to happen at each scene of the video. After you approve those sketches, our illustrators will transform them into final vectorial illustrations that will be used to produce your video.

Created with Lunacy

Custom-Made Illustrations

After you have approved the storyboard, our illustrators will transform those sketches into the final vectorial illustrations that will be used to create your video.

Icono after effects

After Effects Animation

Our team of animators will bring your project to life by giving movement to the previously approved illustrations using Adobe After Effects software.

Icono revisiones


Depending on the package you choose, your project will include a certain number of revisions. At each round, you can request as many changes as you wish as long as they belong to the current stage of the project.

Test Preparation videos

You are

You Are

Artist: James Dural. Genre: Rap

Created with Lunacy
Danza Kachonda

Danza Kachonda

Artist: Algareplena. Genre:

Created with Lunacy
Seet app

Seet App

Genre: Pop

Created with Lunacy

Language videos

French language course

Created with Lunacy
come on over

Artist: ISIUS. Genre: Indie Rock

Created with Lunacy

Kids videos

Animation for Kids

Created with Lunacy
bebe tiburon

Bebe Tiburón

Animation for kids

Created with Lunacy

Animation for Kids

Created with Lunacy

An animated music video can help you to:

Promote your music

Videos have long accompanied music compositions as added entertainment, to increase music sales and to further express the mood of your music. When an audience watches your video, they will hold a visual memory to accompany their smile, when they listen to your music.

Get more listeners

If you want to boost your engagement with your audience, the use of music videos is a great way to do so in a lively way.

Sing your song

We create visual messages that people will enjoy. Your viewers will want to connect with your songs and will be inspired to learn more about your music.


Perry Grubber

"I'm super pleased with the work these folks do. Epically creative and their attention to detail, execution, follow-through, communication and customer satisfaction orientation are five stars our of five. If you're looking for translating a script into a fantastic explainer video, these are your folks"

Stacy Kovacs

"The video they did was perfect. The quality, and the details of the characters in the video were amazing. They did characters that look like real-life persons. I got a great video that explained a major change to my business"

Mary Watson

"Arigato Studio were the first ones to reply to my request in a sophisticated manner so I was sure that they were the right partners for my project. The quality of the video is very good. The producers put a lot of creative thoughts into it and came up with something very nice."