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We create videos for:

Startups &

Big business idea?

Yes, we believe in those too. Lets give the world a clear and entertaining message about your business, so the right people will join the ride.


Empower through knowledge.

In the digital age is not enough to explain something with words. Our videos are designed to make complex ideas easier to digest.


Looking to engage with your audience? 

If you want to tell a story and boost your social media engagement, videos aren’t optional. They’re essential.

Whatever your goal is, it all starts with connecting with your audience. Boring content and long texts will not make it.

An animated explainer video could be the key. Storytelling is a powerful tool when used the right way.

Our plan to create awesome videos!





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We have created videos for:

Our power in numbers

Completed projects

Since 2015

In-house team mebmbers

Illustrators, animators, storyboard artists, project managers, creative director.

Different languages

We have created videos in 29 different lan.guages

Customers reviews


“I’m super-pleased with the work these folks do. Epically creative and their attention-to-detail, execution, follow-through, communication and customer satisfaction orientation are five-star. If you’re looking for translating a script into a fantastic explainer video, these are your folks!

Perry Grubber
Founder & CEO Copiosis

“The video they made was perfect. The quality, and the DETAILS of my people in the video needed to be a certain way, and they nailed it only by using photos! I got a video that was short and sweet and explained a major change to my business in as few words as possible.”

Stacy Kovacs
Founder Fogo azul band

“Arigato Studio were the first ones to reply on my request in a sophisticated manner so I was sure that they were the right partners for my project. The quality of the video is very good. The producers put a lot of creative thoughts into it and came up with something very nice.”

Founder & CEO Rate my tate
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