5 Reasons to get an explainer video For your startup


Video marketing is considered a crucial part of any digital strategy for small, medium and large companies. It helps you stand out from your competition. Are you considering to create an animated explainer video for your product or service as part of your marketing campaigns? We will give you 5 reasons to get an explainer video.


#1 Explainer Videos clarify Your Message

Is your product, service or goal a complex concept? Do you sometimes struggle when explaining it to others?

An explainer video keeps the showcasing of your message creative, fun and simple, allowing anyone to understand it. Just going through the process of simplifying your message for the video makes spreading your ideas substantially more effective.


#2 Explainer Videos Improve Your Corporate Image

When potential customers watch your explainer videos, they also get a glimpse of your professionalism and your company’s culture and values. A well-executed explainer video, with key graphic elements associated with your start-up, keeps you in the back of investors, customers and basically everyone you want to remember you.

It also increases trust. Just ask yourself: Why would someone trust you with their needs and hard-earned money if you don’t invest properly in yourself? An explainer video shows you care.


#3 Explainer Videos Increase Your Visibility

Search engines prefer audiovisual content, they rank videos in the first places. Use the appropriate keywords and you will get more visualization, resulting in more visits to your sites, subscriptions or whichever call to action you include in your explainer video.

It’s also worth adding that research has shown that the chances of your website appearing on a Search Engine’s first page increase substantially when you have a video on your website, so this can be a as important as having the appropriate SEO keywords.


#4 Explainer Videos Can Be Shared Almost Limitlessly

Explainer videos can be shared through any social network, attached to emails, published in your blog or elsewhere. Basically, be shared and posted almost without limit. This versatility will allow you to promote your company in as many platforms as you can and in a cost-efficient way.


#5 Explainer Videos Are Profitable

According to Hubspot, animated explainer videos can increase conversion up to 80% at a lading page. Producing a short video can create a better connection with your prospects and increase sales.

Similarly, Hubspot points that 90% of users who watch videos about products or services enter the purchase decision process. And 64% of them probably acquire an online product after seeing a video of it or its brand.

This makes explainer video’s ROI higher than many other forms of marketing and promotion. And when done correctly and professionally, you will get extremely great results.

So, again, what’s stopping you for getting an explainer video for your company?



You do not need a Hollywood Studio to make an effective explainer video, you just need a creative agency that will transform your vision. Before getting started, we recommend you to take into consideration the following:

  • Have a clear idea of what you want to express. Clarify your message.
  • Be coherent and produce your video according to your start-up’s the principles and values.
  • Invest to make a quality video. We cannot stress enough how indispensable this is.
  • Add a Call to action (CTA) that guides viewers in the direction you want. This can be to visit your site, download material, fill out forms, watch another video, or whatever you need them to. This is how you’ll measure its conversion.
If you are interested in creating an explainer video, get in touch with us. You can also look for some inspiration at our portfolio.

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