How to improve your animated video SEO


You have heard about SEO as a way to optimize the traffic of your website. But what you might not known is that to increase the reach of that video you just created, you’ll also need to optimize it. That’s why we want to give you the best tips that will show you how to improve your animated video SEO.


Where Should I Start?


Choose the Ideal Platform to Host Your Video.

The first thing you should do is choose¾ smartly¾ on which platform you’re going to host your video. This will completely depend on your goals. If your goal is for your company to gain visibility, YouTube or Vimeo are the right platforms, since many people are constantly browsing through them.

But if your goal is for people to stay on your website and generate leads, it might be best to host your videos on platforms such as Wistia, since platforms like YouTube or Vimeo may be counterproductive in this case.

We will explain this to you better with an example.

Imagine that you are looking for a recipe to prepare the best French fries. You go to Google and type: how to make the best French fries. You click on the first video, and it redirects you directly to YouTube. This is where the problem arises. YouTube will show your potential client related videos, probably not made by you and possibly diverting them from your central objective, which is to direct them to your website.

By diverting their attention, they may even end up interested in your competition instead. Not ideal. So to not curtail our efforts, it’s really important to know your goals and choose the platform well.


How Do I Attract Towards My Content Then?


Finding The Correct Title Is A Great First Step.

The first thing that people are going to see before playing your video is its title. From those magic words they decide whether they want to see it or not.

For this reason, you should look for the title to be direct, clear and concise. It’s important to include the keyword defined for your audience, as this increases the possibility that people will be interested in it. Try to be short, using a maximum of 60 characters.

And once you have your title written, you should ask yourself: is it interesting enough for someone to click on? Would you click on it?


Create Relevant Metadata and Transcribe Your Video.

The more information you provide to Google, the more chances you have that your video will be classified in the appropriate category and will end up with the best visibility possible. For this you must:

  • Use a meta description of 155 characters or less.
  • Include relevant keywords according to your audience.
  • Use an appropriate description according to your content.

If you want to provide more information to Google, transcribing your video is a great option. In case of an explainer video, this transcribing work will be less since you can use the script that you will provide to the voiceover artist as the video’s transcription.

Extra tip: At Arigato we make videos in more than 8 languages, and we will be happy to help you with this stage of the process. Just contact us and let us help you create an amazing video for you.


My Video Is Ready! On What Part of My Page Should I Go?


Make The Video The Central Focus Of Your Page.

 If you already put great effort into having a quality video, make it the main feature of your page. Locate it at the beginning and attract all eyes towards it. Avoid placing it in the sections with less traffic.


Create The Right Type Of Content

The most important thing is knowing and understanding your audience and creating content relevant to them. If your content is good and aimed at your audience, your video will be a success.

Something important that you must take into account when making a video is seeking to generate some kind of reaction, so people will share your content and gain visibility. What do you want them to do after they’re done watching? Visit your site? Follow you on Social Media? This is your call to action, and to measure the success of your video it’s key to have one.

Finally, if you are still not convinced of the impact that can make your video optimally optimized, we want to share some statistics:

95% of people have seen an explainer video to learn more about the product or service of a company.

81% of people have been convinced to purchase a product or service through a video of the brand.

72% of people prefer to know more about a product or service through a video.y

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